What is Data Science? Applications of Data Science


Data Science is the subject or a branch of study that deals with the data, simply we say that it is a study of data. It is a process of study where we perform different types of operations on the data. It also involves problem-solving or finding solutions for problems using data.

It is the process of extracting knowledge from a pool of data, it is the method to find answers to the questions from the given data. This requires skills in computer science, business analytics, marketing, mathematics, logical thinking, etc.


DATA SCIENCE has become so popular in the 21st century due to the availability of sufficient data to all people and also due to the development in technology which led to the invention of computers to use data, chips to store data, and enough education to deal with the data.

As we all know that data is everywhere and everything runs on the data like our biometric data, bank transactions data, and employees’ data in a company everything is the data and the person who deals with all these data is called a data scientist.

Data science is becoming popular as the amount of data is increasing day by day, the days when people used to deal with petabytes and exabytes of data have ended, and now the era of big data has started where the storage of large amounts of data became easy.

Data science brings out a meaningful full outcome from a structured or unstructured load of data by observing, analyzing, and processing it, thus problems with a large amount of data became less with the evolution of data science.


  • Search engine
  • Healthcare
  • Media
  • Entertainment sector
  • Education
  • Finance
  • e-commerce


Data science is the study of raw data using required algorithms, analyzations, and machine learning techniques which at last produces a meaningful conclusion about the provided data. So to meet the need of the everyday growing population smart techniques are needed in all the fields.

One such smart and easy technique is data science which usually deals with a huge amount of data to simplify it according to the user requirements. So data science is becoming a booming industry in the 21st century so choosing a career like data science will be the best option to succeed in the IT industry.