Programming Languages

 Coding or programming languages is the process of converting an application design into the machine language to implement it. Coding can be done by coders or programmers usually call them as software engineers. Code is the interlink between the system and the human that converts human thoughts into the machine language and thus machine or the system understands them and implements the applications thus the user can use them.

The main goal of coding is not to reduce the cost of coding but to reduce future costs like testing and maintenance costs that can be reduced with efficient coding. Coding is to make the program more readable. There are certain programming languages to write the code.

What are the different programming languages?

There are different programming languages to write the code just like language for humans to speak and write. Coding also has different libraries, frameworks, inventions, and conventions.

There are 14 popular programming languages available to write code. Code is to be compiled or interpreted on the system to identify and correct and then we need to run the code to get desired output. The programming languages are:

1.C :

“C” is the first programming language so we call it the great grandmother of all programming languages. C was first released in 1972 by Denis Ritchie which is almost 45 years ago.

C is not an easy language but once you get in touch with it you will love it and learn it. As C is the fundamental language once you learn C perfectly then you can learn any other programming language easily. C is used for:-

  • operating systems
  •  game development
  • advanced computation and graphics
  • compilers
  • and enterprise software


“C#”  is developed by Microsoft and is pronounced as c-sharp. It is a combination of both c and c++. C# is a high-level language. C# is the main programming language for developing software and programs and applications for Microsoft if you are interested to work for Microsoft you can learn c#. C# is used for:-

  • Game development
  • Desktop applications (Microsoft, windows)
  • Web services
  • Web applications

3.C++ :

C++ is based on C it is an undefeatable programming language that is still in use. C++ is a powerful and high-performance language but it is a low-level language that uses a low level of abstraction where the code cannot be understood and is unable to be read.

As it is a low-level language the coder needs to spend a lot of time understanding the code rather than learning how the computer is working with it. Here the length of code Is also very high compared to C. C++ is used for:

  • Desktop applications and software
  • Mobile apps
  • Game engines and games
  • Web applications


CSS is expanded as the cascading style sheets which are mostly used by web developers and web designers to develop and design websites. Whereas HTML creates the structure and contents like paragraphs, headings, and images for the website CSS uses all of them to make the website look beautiful.

CSS is the easiest language to learn if you want to design and develop websites as here the output is generated for the code instantly. It takes a few days to learn the basics of CSS but to become an expert, it takes a few years.


Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML) is used along with the CSS to supply or provide content and heading to the web pages in websites. HTML is not a programming language but a markup language that is used to create structure and content on web pages. HTML is used to insert images or text and other media into web pages.

HTML is very easy to learn and important to learn as it takes a fundamental part in web page design.


Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world. Java had an advantage called write once, run anywhere which represents thatthe java code can run anywhere. Java had a wide variety of applications from coding android smartphone apps to building complex desktop applications. Java is the most widely used and high-paying programming language worldwide. Java is used for:

  • Mobile development(android)
  • Desktop software
  • Game development
  • Big data technology

The people who are in confusion to choose the language to learn then java will be a very good choice for them because of its versatility.


Python is a short and beginner-friendly language that I will suggest learning. It is the perfect choice for those who are just starting their journey with coding. It is a good choice for projects like:

  • Data mining and visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Web applications
  • Game development
  • Data analysis
  • Artificial intelligence

There are also other programming languages like ruby, Perl, SQL, swift, and javascript.

What are the differences between high-level and low-level programming languages?

High-level LanguageLow-level Language
Programmer friendlyMachine friendly
Less memory efficientHighly memory efficient
Easy to understand for programmersTough to understand for programmers
Simple to debugComplex to debug comparatively
Simple to maintainComplex to maintain comparatively
Can run on any platformMachine-dependent
Needs compiler or interpreter for translationNeeds assembler for translation
Widely used for programmingNot commonly used in programming

Free Sources to learn to code:

There are many sources to learn to code individually but almost all are paid the only source to learn anything freely is youtube as already all of us know that. But there are numerous channels on youtube are providing free coding classes so one might get confused that which channel will teach us properly, so here are a few channels that are just awesome in teaching coding they are:

  1. Programming with mosh
  2. Bro code
  3. Alex Lee
  4. Neso academy
  5. Jenny’s lectures

All the above-mentioned channels may not teach all the languages. So select the language and search that in the above channels you will love their teaching.  If you don’t believe me, just give it a try. All the best for your learning.


If you want to become a software developer then you must learn how to code. Coding is not a tough job if you like it, otherwise, that may look like hell. So start loving the work you do….As we all know that front-end and back-end development are high-paying jobs now. So if you are dedicated to coding then you can easily get placed in top IT companies with a bang package, so try to learn to code and improve your skills.